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Birthday: September 10th


Colors: Light blue & teal blue


Sports Teams: Anything Kansas City; Chiefs, Sporting, Current, Royals, etc, University of Central Arkansas


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Sweet tea, Vanilla iced coffee


Snacks: Salt & vinegar chips, anything with cheese or pickles


Sweet Treats & Candy: Dark chocolate, sour/fruity candy


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Tacos 4 Life, Sonic, Freddy's


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Red Door, Louie's Wine Dive, Coco Bolos, J. Alexander's


Dietary Restrictions: No melons or bananas


Nail Salon/Spa: Not picky


Stores/Places to Shop: Target, Ulta Beauty, Maurice's, Barnes & Noble


Hobbies: Reading, playing games (video, board, TTRPG, etc.), working out, being with my dog.


I have too many: Cups & teacher related decorations


Other favorites: I love being out and about! Going to new places, sporting events, concerts, anything. I also collect unique Disney items (mostly Cinderella and other princess related things).


How can parents help you the most? I recognize that everyone has their own way of showing support, and I'm thankful for every type. Volunteering when you have time, purchasing from my wish list, or even just an encouraging word is more than enough for me. I'm just happy to be here!



Birthday: June 15th


Colors: Pink & purple


Sports Teams: Kansas Jayhawks


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: White Chocolate Mocha, Strawberry Acai - Starbucks


Snacks: Chips (Jalepeno Kettle Chips, Barbeque Pringles). Anything sweet (macarons, chocolate chip cookies, cheesecake, etc.)


Sweet Treats & Candy: Peanut M&M's, Twizzler Pull & Peels


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Chick-Fil-A, Chipotle, Panera, Freddy's


Sit Down Restaurant(s): K-Pot, Kyoto Steak & Sushi, Joe's KC


Nail Salon/Spa: Anywhere close to school


Stores/Places to Shop: Target & Amazon


Hobbies: Spending time with my family, shopping


Other Favorites/Additional Info: We love exploring as a family. Let us know your favorite places to go in Kansas!


How can parents help you the most? Take home projects (cutting, lamination, etc)



Birthday: May 13th


Colors: Red


Sports Teams: K-State, Chiefs


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Black coffee, Coke Zero


Snacks: Nuts (any, including mixed), dark chocolate (plain or with anything but fruit)


Sweet Treats & Candy: Trail mix with M&M's, peanut M&M's, sugar cookies with frosting


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Chick Fil A, Chipotle


Sit Down Restaurant(s): J. Alexander's


Dietary Restrictions: No allergies, but I try to stay away from gluten.


Nail Salon/Spa: Simplicite Nails


Stores/Places to Shop: Amelia's Boutique


Hobbies: Tennis, decorating


I have too many: Mugs


How can parents help you the most? Read to your student each night. Help is always welcome during ELA time. 



Birthday: October 20th


Colors: Blue


Sports Teams: KU & Chiefs


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Starbucks Hot White Chocolate Mocha / Smoothie King - Banana Berry Treat


Snacks: Chex Mix, Dots Pretzels, Flavor Blasted Goldfish


Sweet Treats & Candy: Kit Kats, Crumbl Cookies, Bundt Cakes, Starbursts


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Chick Fila, Panda Express


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Texas Roadhouse, Longhorn, Red Door Grill


Dietary Restrictions: Grape allergy


Nail Salon/Spa: Awesome Nails & Wax (Olathe)


Stores/Places to Shop: Amazon & Target


Hobbies: Baking, cooking, painting, crafting


I have too many: Notepads & coffee mugs


How can parents help you the most? Replenish classroom supplies throughout the year - tissues/hand sanitizer/clorox wipes.



Birthday: October 28th


Colors: Teal, purple, grey


Sports Teams: KU, Sporting KC, KC Current, KC Chiefs


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Starbucks-Iced Mocha Latte made with almond milk or Iced Pumpkin Spiced Latte made with almond milk. Non-Sweet Iced Tea. Non-Sweet Red wine.


Snacks: Doritos, trail mix, pretzels


Sweet Treats & Candy: Cumbl Cookie, Ice Cream (Baskin Robbins, Silas and Maddy's or Betty Rae's) Snickers, Peanut M&M's and Reese's. Any dark chocolate.


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Chipotle, Cane's, Slim Chickens


Sit Down Restaurant(s): K-Pot, Sushi Uni, The Brew Top, Red Door and Nick and Jakes


Nail Salon/Spa: Nail Perfection in Mission, KS or Spa Finder gift card


Stores/Places to Shop: Amazon, Starbucks, Bath and Body Works, Target, Quick Trip


Hobbies: Reading, going to the pool, going to Sporting KC Games, and gardening


I have too many: Mugs & teacher decorations


Other Favorites/Additional Info: I love to shop and use gift cards, especially on Amazon. I love the candles from Bath and Body Works. I like fall and winter scents. I also use their lotion on a daily basis.


How can parents help you the most? Laminating, sorting math pages and cutting out classroom supplies.