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Anderson, Alicia - Assistant Principal

Birthday: August 24th


Colors: Purple


Sports Teams: KC Chiefs


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Starbucks - Chai Tea Latte


Snacks: Almonds


Sweet Treats & Candy: Gummy Bears 


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Mr. Gyros


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Firebirds


Nail Salon/Spa: Top Coat Nail Bar


Stores/Places to Shop: White House/Black Market, Versona


Hobbies: Singing, running, yoga, reading


I have too many: mugs/cups


Other Favorites/Additional Info: Bath & Body lotions and candles


How can parents help you the most? Encourage and support their child to do their best academically and behaviorally every day!


McDonald, Erica - Principal

Birthday: January 11th


Colors: Pink


Sports Teams: Kansas State University


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Starbucks vanilla latte and Coca Cola


Snacks: Lays Salt & Vinegar chips


Sweet Treats & Candy: Chocolate


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Subway, Cava, Corner Bakery


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Cooper's Hawk, Cheesecake Factory and Houlihan's


Nail Salon/Spa: Creative Nails


Stores/Places to Shop: Target, Amazon, Home Goods


Hobbies: Organizing and decorating 


I have too many: Cups, notepads & pens


Warren, Robin - Admin & Bookkeeper

Birthday: August 11th


Colors: Blue & green


Sports Teams: Chiefs


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Chick-fil-a lemonade (light ice), Sonic Strawberry limeade (light ice), Trader Joe's Alkaline Water + Electrolytes


Snacks: Nuts, trail mix


Sweet Treats & Candy: Chocolate (NOT white chocolate)


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Chick Fila, Chipotle, Culvers


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Any Mexican, J. Alexanders


Nail Salon/Spa: Beauty Brands in Lee's Summit off 291 Hwy


Stores/Places to Shop: Amazon, Target, Planters Seeds, Home Depot


Hobbies: Organic gardening, painting, tinkering, crafting


I have too many: Mugs, lotions, soaps


How can parents help you the most? Be patient!