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Bartram, jill - ESOL

Birthday: November 1st


Colors: Green & blue


Sports Teams: Mizzou, KC Chiefs, StL Cardinals


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Fat free latte with 1 Splenda


Snacks: Original Gardetto's, Cheetos simple white cheddar puffs


Sweet Treats & Candy: Milk Duds and Gummy Worms


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Anything Mexican, Spin Pizza, Jimmy John's


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Mexican, Italian, American


Nail Salon/Spa: Anywhere! Such a treat! 


Stores/Places to Shop: Target & Amazon


Hobbies: Reading, walking, socializing with friends, family time


I have too many: Coffee mugs & candles


How can parents help you the most? Continue to support us!


Christensen, Jen - ESOL

Birthday: January 28th


Colors: Yellow, pink, green


Sports Teams: KC Chiefs, Indiana University Hoosiers 


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Nonfat latte, nonfat pumpkin spice latte, nonfat cinnamon dolce latte


Snacks: Salt and vinegar chips, honey mustard Dots, pistachios


Sweet Treats & Candy: Junior Mints, peanut butter M&Ms, dark chocolate covered pretzels


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Torchy's Tacos, Chipotle


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Jalapeños, J. Gilberts, Maggiano's, Red Door Grill


Nail Salon/Spa: Any, Par Exsalonce


Stores/Places to Shop: Target, Athleta, Amazon, Barnes & Noble


Hobbies: Reading, boxing, traveling, hanging with friends & family


I have too many: Candles, ornaments and ceramic mugs


Lawrence, Codi - Spanish

Birthday: February 18th


Colors: Orange & yellow


Sports Teams: n/a


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: DIET COKE! And iced brown sugar oat milk shaken espresso from Starbucks.


Snacks: Anything cheese - Cheez Tts, Goldfish, Cheetos, white cheddar Pop Corners, or just a block of cheese :)


Sweet Treats & Candy: Reese's! The seasonal variety are my favorites (ghosts, hearts, pumpkins, etc)


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Chipotle & Chick Fil A


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Houlihan's


Nail Salon/Spa: Any


Stores/Places to Shop: Hobby Lobby, Target & Amazon


Hobbies: Cricut crafts, yoga, plant care - but NOT succulents!


I have too many: Lotions & mugs


Other Favorites/Additional Info: Anything you contribute would be appreciated. Kind words via email or note are probably the most appreciated and long lasting.


How can parents help you the most? Replenish my "basic supplies" stash - Kleenex, paper towels, pencils, and wipes.


Mason, Jody - Librarian

Birthday: June 16th


Colors: Red


Sports Teams: Iowa State, University of Maryland, KC Chiefs


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Iced mocha, Scooters, Iced Tea, Cherry Limeade


Snacks: Pretzels & popcorn


Sweet Treats & Candy: Peanut butter M&M's, Junior Mints, Peppermint Patties


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Slim Chickens, Freddy's, Andy's 


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Hot Basil Thai


Nail Salon/Spa: Rose Nails


Stores/Places to Shop: Barnes & Noble, Target, Amazon


Hobbies: Reading, cooking, board games, traveling


I have too many: Coffee mugs


Other Favorites/Additional Info: Notes and pictures from students are wonderful! They mean as much (if not more) than all of the above!!


How can parents help you the most? I love having volunteers in the library to help shelve books and help with other tasks!



Stroud, Katie - Music

Birthday: November 23rd


Colors: Yellow


Sports Teams: K-State, KC Chiefs


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Cinnamon Dolce Latte, no whip


Snacks: Candy grapes and veggies and hummus


Sweet Treats & Candy: Peanut butter cups


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Panera


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Garazzo's


Stores/Places to Shop: Sephora


Hobbies: Gardening


Other Favorites/Additional Info: I love stationery and notepads.


How can parents help you the most? Come to the musicals in 1st, 3rd and 5th. Enroll your kids in choir in 5th. And sing together as a family :)


Van Leeuwen, Kale - Art

Birthday: May 29th


Colors: Rainbow


Sports Teams: None


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: Iced Caramel Macchiato, Frappe, Cherry Limeade


Snacks: Doritos, Fruit by the Foot, Gushers, Mixed nuts - no peanuts


Sweet Treats & Candy: Reese's, Snickers, Cadbury, Kit Kat, Chocolate Covered Almonds - anything without coconut.


Carry Out Restaurant(s): Cava, McDonalds, Bibibop, Chipotle


Sit Down Restaurant(s): Maggiano's, Chilis, Anything really - love food.


Stores/Places to Shop: Psycho Bunny, Target, Coach, Vans, Gamestop


Hobbies: Art, eating out, shopping, going to the beach/pool, going to the movies.


I have too many: Mugs, cups


Other Favorites/Additional Info: Funko Pops Legos Pins/flair Flair Tip Pens


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Sports Teams: 


Beverages & Coffee Shop Order: 




Sweet Treats & Candy:


Carry Out Restaurant(s):


Sit Down Restaurant(s):


Nail Salon/Spa:


Stores/Places to Shop:




I have too many:


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